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Musical Direction for Events - Zlatko Kresic (MD)

His role as a musical director and supervisor is imbued with an unwavering passion for cultivating positive and harmonious working environments. With an extensive background spanning over 25 years, he seamlessly merges his foundation as a multi-instrumentalist and classically trained orchestral virtuoso with contemporary musical styles.

Having graced illustrious concert halls and theaters, as well as recording studios, collaborating with actor-musicians and captivating cabaret performers, orchestrating bands, crafting musical arrangements, and sharing stages with globally renowned artists, Zlatko has woven intricate bonds within a diverse tapestry of creatives. His sphere of influence encompasses sound and lighting designers, as well as fellow musicians.

Through the fusion of his seasoned expertise and expansive network, Zlatko stands as an unparalleled asset to any team, rendering him an extraordinary and invaluable collaborator.

Artist Agency

A multitude of individuals collaboratively contribute to the orchestration of live events, yet none wield a more significant influence on the outcome than concert and event producers. These architects of success operate with the overarching objective of delivering awe-inspiring events, concerts, and festivals. Their roles encompass an extensive array of responsibilities, ranging from securing performers and assembling proficient teams to transforming venues and outfitting them with cutting-edge equipment.

Whether orchestrating an intimate DIY house show or orchestrating a grand-scale music extravaganza, concert and event producers share a common bond rooted in the comprehensive and multifaceted nature of their endeavors. This demands a comprehensive grasp of technical stagecraft, adeptness in personnel management, and a knack for effective collaboration with the key stakeholders within the live music industry.

In essence, these producers stand as the linchpins connecting the intricate facets of live events, culminating in unforgettable experiences for audiences worldwide.

Music for film, tv, web and video games

The synergy between exceptional music and captivating film surpasses even the classic pairing of popcorn and butter. For there exists an unparalleled magic when an extraordinary musical score intertwines with cinematic artistry. This magical fusion has the power to seamlessly transport viewers to distant eras, evoke profound emotions that resonate within a theater filled with strangers, and seamlessly harmonize with a narrative to the extent that the two become inseparable entities, each enhancing the brilliance of the other.

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